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 Hyuuga Clan

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PostSubject: Hyuuga Clan   Hyuuga Clan Icon_minitimeThu Dec 20, 2007 5:04 pm

This will help the Hyuga characters we'll have. ^_^
Here it is:
Name: Hyuga

History/bio: The Hyuga clan is considered to be one of the oldest and most powerful noble clans in Konohagakure. Hyuga means "Towards the Sun". It is assumed in the series that the Uchiha clan descended from the Hyuga clan, and that the kekkei genkai of the former is descended from the latter's.
Protection of the Byakugan ability is very important to the Hyuga clan, and has led to the development of an elaborate family hierarchy. The Hyuga clan is divided into two houses: the main house and the branch house. The branch house's main purpose is to protect the main house and the secrets of the Byakugan. Branch house members' abilities and freedom are restricted through the means of a cursed seal that is placed on every branch house member's forehead. Through the means of a special technique that only main house members know, the seal can be activated, destroying the brain cells of the person branded with the seal. This allows the main house to make the branch house subordinate to its wishes. In addition, whenever a branch house member dies, the cursed seal will also seal the Byakugan ability so that enemies will not be able to discover the secrets of the bloodline limit if Konoha's hunter-nin are unable to find and dispose the body before the enemy finds it.

Speical Jutsu:
Jutsu's Name: Byakugan
Class: C
Type: Kekkai Genkai
Effects: A person with the Byakugan has a nearly 360 degree field of vision except for a small blind spot near the back of the neck, which is its only known weakness. Byakugan users can detect anything around them within a 50-meter radius, making them close-range combat experts. The Byakugan also gives the user the ability to see through basically any matter over extremely long distances.
One of the most powerful aspects of the Byakugan is the ability to see the inner chakra coil system, which is the key aspect of using the Gentle Fist style to attack said system. If sufficiently developed, the Byakugan is able to see individual chakra points, potentially allowing the user to shut off the opponent's chakra flow completely, such that the opponent cannot perform techniques that require chakra. However, the user can increase chakra flow as well. Seasoned Byakugan users are even capable of killing with a single blow.

Jutsu's Name: Juuken (Gentle Fist)
Class: C
Type: Taijutsu
Effects: The Gentle Fist style of combat aims to damage the body's chakra circulatory system, thus inhibiting an opponent's use of chakra. To do this, the user will forcefully insert a small amount of their own chakra into an opponent's chakra circulatory system, causing the targeted area to rupture or divert flow. Alternatively, or as an additional effect, the same method can be used to damage the opponent's internal organs, to which the chakra circulatory system is closely tied.
Downsides: Because the chakra circulatory system is invisible, the Byakugan is required for this style to be used.

Jutsu's Name: Hakke Rokujuuyon Shou (Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms)
Class: B
Type: Taijutsu
Effects: This jutsu closes off one-hundred-twenty-six specific chakra points (tenketsu) on an opponent's body with the Gentle Fist style, effectively eliminating their ability to use chakra for quite some time and making it quite difficult for them to move. It begins with the closing of two chakra points, followed by four more, then eight, then sixteen, then thirty-two, and then sixty-four strikes. Each set of strikes is done at an increasing pace.
Downsides: Since this jutsu is a taijutsu using multiple and following strikes, one must not miss the target or the chakra used will be wasted. The jutsu can also be nulified by a rather good defensive jutsu.

Jutsu's Name: Hakkeshou Kaiten (Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin)
Class: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Effects: This jutsu utilizes the chakra control gained through Gentle Fist training to release a huge amount of chakra from the user's chakra points when struck. The released chakra blocks any possible attack. The user then spins themselves rapidly to parry the attack, both creating a shield of chakra around themselves and tossing away any would-be attackers. The spin also sllows the user to defend the blindspot in their Byakugan.
Downsides: For a defensive jutsu, the chakra cost is very high. One can go tired easily without even hit the oponent. Also, the spining movement requires a good stamina too.

There are other more advanced variations of these two jutsus. It's up to the user to choose one for they're personal use.
You can tell if someone is using the Byakugan by looking to the user's eyes, which will become brighter and the veins arround the eyes will grow more.
Downsides: It constantly consumes a lot of Chakra when active.

Common Traits: Most of the Hyugas has long hair, but the most common trait is the Hyuga's almost blank eyes.
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Hyuuga Clan
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