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 Ranks and Jutsus

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PostSubject: Ranks and Jutsus   Ranks and Jutsus Icon_minitimeThu Dec 20, 2007 5:49 pm

Hello everyone.
As we all know, different ranks has different limits and things.
Here, we shall list up the things ranks should have and explain.


Jutsu Limits
It goes this way:
Different ranks has different limits for the amount of Jutsu allowed for the character.
The list is:

Genin - 12 Jutsu.
Chuunin - 16 Jutsu.
Special Jounin - 16 Jutsu.
Jounin - 20 Jutsu.
ANBU - 20 Jutsu +3 special ANBU only Jutsu.
Legendary Shinobi - 25 Jutsu.
Kage - 30 Jutsu.
Clan: 8 Jutsu.

1) Legendary Shinobi is what you prefer to call "Sannin" of the villages. Since not in every village there must be a Sannin group, we prefer it as Legendary.
2) Special Jounin is the exact same rank as Chuunin, only having a special job given only to the character.
3) ANBU is the same as Jounin, only the ANBU has 3 special Jutsus only they can have.
4) Kage is the strongest rank among all, thus it gets the most Jutsus. Kages cannot go beyond 30 Jutsus in any case.
5) Clan Jutsus are counted - for those who want to know.
6) Village Jutsu doesn't count, as everyone in the village can use them. Thus, they shouldn't show in the character's Jutsu list (only in the profile).
7) Clans have their Jutsu numbers limited as well.

Jutsu Classes
It goes this way:
We all know that not every rank can use each Jutsu, which is why Jutsus has ranks.
The ranks goes like this:

Genin - D and a few C Classed Jutsu.
Chuunin & Special Jounin - C and a few B Classed Jutsu.
Jounin - B and A Classed Jutsu.
ANBU - B and A Classed Jutsu + 3 S and A ANBU only Classed Jutsu.
Legendary Shinobi - A and S Classed Jutsu.
Kage - S and Hidden Classed Jutsu.

1) Genin mustn't have more than 5 C Class Jutsu. It goes like this since Genin are only "rookie" Shinobi, and do have harder time performing strong Jutsu than other ranks.
2) As said above, Chuunin and Special Jounin are the same level, so they have the same Class of Jutsu as well.
3) Chuunin & Special Jounin mustn't have more than 4 B Class Jutsu. B class are already dangerous towards the users as well, and most Chuunin can't handle it.
4) Jounin has no A Class Jutsu limit, so feel free to have as much A Class Jutsu as you wish, as long as you don't overpower yourself and you follow the Jutsu number limits.
5) ANBU units has 2 special A Class Jutsus and 1 S rank Jutsu known to all ANBU members. However, a new ANBU must RP as when they learn the Jutsus.
6) If someone quits ANBU, they're not allowed to use the ANBU Jutsu anymore so please don't bother.
7) Legendary Shinobi are most likely almost as strong as Kages, so they can already use S Class Jutsu. However, they must keep the number of the S limited to 3 S rank Jutsu.
Cool Kages can use ANY Jutsu they want, but Kages cannot learn new Jutsu. Kages are also allowed to use Hidden Jutsu, which means above S Class Jutsu.
9) Clan Jutsus are calculated 1 Class below its original.
Well, every rank achieves new Jutsus as he gets to become that rank.
Jutsu ranks start from Genin and end in the Kage rank.
Every rank must have the Jutsus but for Kage. Razz
So, here they are. ^_^
Genin Jutsu

Jutsu Name: Henge No Jutsu
Class: Genjutsu
Type: E
Effects: This simple Jutsu allows the user to transform into something they have in mind.
Downsides: The form they take doesn't include copying scent, personality, abilities etc.

Jutsu Name: Bunshin No Jutsu
Class: Genjutsu
Type: E
Effects: The Jutsu allows the user to duplicate himself. The Clones aren't real and are simple illusions. The Jutsu is used for confusion of others.
Downsides: The Clones can't be touched, thus can't touch as well. The Clones themselves are simple plain illusions.

Jutsu Name: Kawarimi No Jutsu
Class: Ninjutsu
Type: E
Effects: The Jutsu allows the user to escape from an attack that was coming towards him. It is used oftenly, even among Kage-leveled Shinobi.
Downsides: None.
(Special NOTE: Kawarimi is allowed only twice in a battle.)

Jutsu Name: Goken-fighting style
Class: --
Type: Taijutsu
Effects: The Goken fighting style is a fighting style in which the user uses forceful attacks such as simple kicks and punches.
Downsides: The Goken is just a simple fighting style that contains nothing special.
(NOTE: Goken-fighting style is putted for people to learn how to fight.)

Chuunin Jutsu

Jutsu's Name: Kai
Class: C
Type: Genjutsu
Effects: The Jutsu allows the user to cancel Genjutsu that has been activated. It can be used among some Genins with high talent for Genjutsu or great Chakra Control. The effect of the Kai is depended on the mastery among Gejutsu-types that the user holds.
Downsides: None.

Jutsu's Name: --- fighting style
Class: ??
Type: Taijutsu
Effects: The "Jutsu" allows the Chuunin to use another fighting style for their will.
Downsides: depends over the fighting style.
(NOTE: Not all Chuunin has to have it.
Those who have it are main users of Taijutsu and Ninjutsu/Genjutsu and they'll have to choose their fighting style among those whom are pointed in the "Help!" section.)

Jutsu's Name: Gogyou usage
Class: D-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Effects: This has been putten to allow Genin-leveled Shinobi and above to have the option of using an Element of opinion.
Downsides: None.
(NOTE: Please check the Elemental Circle and rules for further information.)

Jounin Jutsu

Jutsu's Name: Shunshin No Jutsu
Class: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Effects: The Jutsu allows the user to "teleport" themselves in a puff of smoke into somewhere else, near. The distance and speed the user teleports depends over their mastery over Chakra Control and normal speed (Some Shinobi doesn't even appear to disappear into a puff of smoke due to their great masteries).
Downsides: None.
(NOTE: The chosen Genin to use this Jutsu will be PMed by the master Admin. Some Special Jounin can use it aswell.)

Jutsu's Name: Genjutsu Counter
Class: A
Type: Genjutsu
Effects: The Jutsu allows the user to negate a Genjutsu that was directed towards them. The level of the negation is depended over the user's mastery for Genjutsu.
Downsides: If the user isn't strong enough, nothing will happen to the Genjutsu.
(NOTE: The mastery of the Genjutsu Counter depends over the user's Genjutsu mastery. Starters can negeate Genjutsus untill C rank only.)

Jutsu's Name: 2nd Gogyou usage
Class: D-A
Type: Ninjutsu
Effects: This has been putten to allow Jounin-leveled Shinobi and above to have the option of using 2 Elements instead of just 1.
Downsides: None.
(NOTE: Please check the Elemental Circle and rules for information.)

ANBU Jutsus


Jutsu's Name: Jikyaku No Jutsu
Class: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Effects: Jikyaku No Jutsu is a special Jutsu allowed only for ANBUs. The Jutsu puts the target to sleep, so the user can investigate him and things that happened to him. The target will tell anything.
Downsides: None.

Jutsu's Name: Shunshin Kawarimi
Class: A
Type: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu
Effects: It may not sound as a A rank, but the Jutsu is a combination of using Kawarimi and on the exact second using Shunshin to escape to a different place.
Instead of using them both, the user uses Kawarimi and disappears to a different area by the moment Kawarimi is activated.
Downsides: Kawarimi can be used only twice per battle/Due to the high reaction this Jutsu gives, the user takes a few seconds of recovering from using his Chakra.

Jutsu's Name: Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin
Class: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Effects: The user uses Kage Bunshin for any matter. This Shadow Clone isn't a normal Bunshin, but an exploding one. The Bunshin will explode whenever gets hit, or whenever the user wishes to.
Downsides: The Bakuretsu Kage Bunshin will hold only 1 exploding Bunshin among the amount that is used.
Kage Jutsu

Jutsu's Name: Gogyou Kaiin/Fuuiin
Class: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Effects: The Kage seals over someone, interfering with their Chakra Control and disabling their ability to use any Elemental attack. This is done by punching the target's stomach.
Downsides: Takes a high amount of Chakra.
(NOTE: ONLY Kage leveled Shinobi can use this technique, and each Kage has to decide whenever they have Gogyou Fuuiin or Kaiin.)



The Elemental (A.K.A Gogyou) is a basic, nature Jutsu-types most Shinobi use. The Elemental has its own rules as well.

The 5 Elementals are the most basic nature Jutsu-types and are the most famous. They are:

Katon - Fire Element
Suiton - Water Element
Doton - Earth (rock) Element
Raiton - Thunder Element
Fuuton - Wind Element

Some Shinobi prefer to use the 5 Elemental for several purposes. However, not everything can be chosen.
The 5 Elemental is limited to all Ninja, allowing 1 to use only 1 or 2 Elements, depens over the Chakra Control. For example: Jounin Shinobi can use 2 Elements while Genin can use 1. If there is a usage of 2 Elements, 1 must be the main one which takes over while the other is considered a supportal Element to aid the main.

Just like in nature, some Elements beat other Elements. The circle goes like this:

Fire > Wind > Thunder > Earth > Water > Fire > Wind etc...

Due to that, when 2 Elements are chosen, some points are not allowed to use.
Example: A Jounin Shinobi that has Thunder as main and Wind as support.
A situation like this should never happen due to Wind, winning against Thunder, not giving it the option to aid the Thunder in battle.

There are also Combinations for some Elements, as if you use 2 Elements and combine them well, you will get pleased with a fusion the Elements will create by themselves.
For information about Element Fusions, ask an Admin.

Thats all, thank you for reading and being patient. ^_^
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Ranks and Jutsus
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