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 the dragon eye

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the dragon eye Left_bar_bleue1000/1000the dragon eye Empty_bar_bleue  (1000/1000)
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PostSubject: the dragon eye   the dragon eye Icon_minitimeFri Dec 21, 2007 8:08 pm

this Bloodlimit is olny able to be done by the best of the clan and have to have a lot of training or u it will kill active it by fouseing .there ate 3 stages of lightning bots.1th when you just found out how to use it your eyes are normal with a lighting bolt moveing around in it the power of this one is the u can shot lighting but it is olny able to hurt not kill.2th your eyes turn all full bule and this one can kill.olny a few people have ever got to the 3th stage that is the most power full stage ther is, when you master the 3th stage you sing a dragon contract that let you summoning a number of dragons and you becom unaffect by any ligtning moves at all and get the sword of the dragon master that dex have now.
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the dragon eye
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